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Destination Wedding Tips: Best Wedding Registry Websites

just-marriedIf you do not dream of getting traditional wedding gifts like pastry holders made of crystal or gold-rimmed china, then say hello to these best wedding registries:

Ever After

Ever After, used to be known as 1-800-REGISTRY, takes the definition of wedding registry into another level. Aside from utilizing their honeymoon registry where you can pick your excursions at their locale, Ever After also helps with honeymoon travel details. The site also has planning services if you need help with your destination wedding. They have partners in Las Vegas, Fiji, Hawaii, Caribbean, South Pacific, and California.

Using this website, couples can monitor different registries that you signed up with. You can get notifications through text when items are purchased and even help you by reminding you to send out thank you notes. They also have a mobile app that you can use as a barcode scanner. You can also convert your Pinterest pins onto items on your registry.

I Do Foundation

In case you want to be charitable and reach out to the needy when you tie the knot, this organization allows you to choose from almost two million non-profits to which you can donate to. You can also get charitable gift cards and wedding favors that you can give to your guests. The guests will choose the beneficiary organization themselves.

Top wedding caterers in Paris

wedding-cateringAre you planning to have a wedding in the City of Lights? Destination weddings need a ton of research and preparation. To help you out with your preparations for your Paris wedding, we have listed below some of the best wedding caterers in Paris:

Sofy’s & Co

This wedding caterer can do it for a small group of 50 or if you have a grand wedding with around 5,000 guests. They can assist you in finding the best wedding reception location, tableware, and other dining choices. They also have designers to help you out with the tough choices for your concepts.


The team from Kavod can help you satisfy your guests during your small private wedding reception or wow them with a long buffet table. You can ask the restaurant to be closed for your biggest day or just occupy a portion of it. They can prepare inventive or seasonal cuisines to make your wedding in Paris really memorable.


This professional wedding caterer has a whole team of chefs, confectioners, bakers, and icecream makers. They have a team of more than 500 professionals that can make sure nothing but special is prepared for your wedding day. The brand has been known in Paris for more than two centuries. They have helped with countless parties, weddings, and other celebrations.

Stylish Food

This caterer can also help organize your wedding. They also have access to some of the finest facilities and equipment. They can refine the dining table with your choice of dishes and best wines. Basically, they can make your fairy tale wedding come true in Paris.

LVO Catering

LVO is another great team to tap if you are planning to have a wedding in Paris. They will be more than happy to wow your guests with their customized solution. Their services have evolved through the two decades they have been catering to locals and to couples coming from different corners of the globe to exchange vows in the romantic city of Paris.

Destination wedding tips: How to enjoy Paris weddings with kids

wedding-childrenIf you are planning a Paris destination wedding and you are having some kids as guests, you might want to have provisions so the small children will be busy while their parents enjoy the reception. These ideas apply to children who are older than three but may not be effective when having guests under three years old. If you have been invited to a wedding and you are bringing a long your little ones, you should assume that you should come up with ideas so they will have fun while you have yours. Here are some tips to help you enjoy a Paris wedding while you are with the kids:

Bring your own booster seat

Most Paris restaurants do not have high chairs for kids although some have their own for their young consumers. To be sure, bring a booster seat for your kid. It will be better to get the ones which can be strapped to the chair. This type of booster seat work well with the chairs in Paris bistros.

Bring snacks

Bring some snacks for your kids when you attend Paris weddings. Dinner will normally mean six courses. We are pretty sure your kids will not be staying on their table throughout dinner so having their does of crackers or a bit of junk food will keep them busy.


Aside from some favorite toys, you should remember that the Paris weddings tend to last until three in the morning. And while you are dancing and enjoying the party, the pack-and-play will be your kid’s quiet sleeping place. If you do not want to bring such gear, you can just buy a cheap alternative in Paris or rent one.


If you want to enjoy the wedding, you can hire a childminder who can take care of your kid while at the wedding ceremonies and reception. Ask your host if bringing a babysitter along will be okay. You can ask your concierge to get an English-speaking childminder for you.

Hottest trends for destination weddings

Weddings away from home always involve a great deal of challenge in terms of planning. Work well with your wedding planner to be abreast with the latest wedding trends:


Colorful fabrics or fabrics according to your theme may become useful when you mix and match them to make cabana areas or use them to define some open spaces. You can also do rehearsal dinners and see how it will go. If you are still looking for a reception, ask the locals for their favorite restaurants or places to eat and you will never go wrong.


Another trend nowadays is to book an entire resort for the reception. You may want to rent out a secluded area in one corner of an island which can only reach by boat. You can also buy out an entire resort so you and your guests have an exclusive access to everything for an entire day or night. You can rent a villa or even a small resort o spend time with people special to you and your spouse to be.

Local musicians

Instead of bring your musicians from home, you may want to consider local musicians. You way want to hire an entire band, a small choir, or an ensemble of string instruments to play some music for your guests as they arrive or while they are enjoying their food.

Skip the wedding cake

Destinations weddings are more often non-traditional so it is also common to see today couples that skip the cake. Instead they highlight the local deserts like in France, they serve croquembouche instead of slicing the multilayer wedding cake.

Trashing the wedding dress

There are brides now who opt to have two wedding dresses. The more expensive one is used for the wedding ceremony while a cheaper version will be used while enjoying the sea during a photo session with the groom after the wedding.

Tips for having your dream destination wedding in Paris

A lot of couples dream of getting married with their partner in the City of Lights. A Paris dream destination can become a reality with just some extra attention to the details and preparations. Here are some tips which might come useful for your Paris destination wedding:

Plan early

Whether you are eloping to Paris or plan to get married there in a rush, you need to plan early. You cannot just head to town any time and wake up the whole village and announce to the world that you are tying the knot. As much as you want to be really romantic, you might want to keep it realistic. First to consider is the officiant of your wedding. There are not many English speaking persons who are authorized to officiate your wedding so you need about two to three months to fix this detail of your wedding ceremony.

Wedding Planner

You might have gone to Paris before for a vacation but this does not mean that you can find everything that you want for your destination wedding in Paris. You might want to get a wedding planner. These organizers are not just for big weddings but they can be very helpful for couples who are going for a destination wedding since they know a lot of local suppliers that can save you the hassle and money.

Allow for some glitches

The lifestyle in Paris is a lot different compared to the one you are used to back home. Life in Paris is in slow motion compared to what you are used to in your own urban jungle. You cannot detail every fifteen minutes of your wedding. Expect that things will not happen on the dot like the bridal car might arrive a few minutes too late. Do not fret though and just relax since things that you planned will happen, at their own pace.

No wedding at the Eiffel Tower

Let us make it clear that couples cannot marry at the Eiffel Tower. It is a national monument and private individuals cannot rent it out. It is also quite impossible to do the ceremonies at the Sacre Coeur or the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Going That Extra Mile

So many people out there are crying out for help in their marriages and are in dire need of some real marriage help. I know that the divorce rate is greater now than it has ever been but there are thousands upon thousands of couples out there who ultimately want to stop divorce from happening.  How does one go about seeking help and how do they know what program or counselor is really going to work for them?

From my understanding, people try using a marriage family counselor and most of the time end up right back where they started at square one. Most counselors make you dig up your past and practice communication techniques, and the reality of it is, is that doing that has a tendency to stress couples out even more so than help them. I am not saying that I am against counseling but I have found more of a helpful solution for saving your marriage than just your typical counseling routine. It’s called Marriage Fitness.

You can check out for more in depth details about it. I’ve been studying up on it and the results are outstanding. It seems that after people go to their counselors, pastors, psychiatrist’s etc. for help then they always come down to that one issue of not knowing how to love their spouse the way that their spouse wants to be loved. People always want to get, get, get and receive the love without giving, giving, giving it.

What this specific program that I recommend teaches you is how to compassionately love your partner and to learn new relational habits that will stick with you throughout your whole lifetime. Marriage is not an easy thing to withstand. As the old saying goes Only the Strong Survive. So many couples just want to take the easy way out and call it quits before actually going the extra mile and seeking out the proper help needed for the relationship.

I think some people might feel a little embarrassed about going to a marriage counselor. I used to know a couple suffering miserably in their marriage and would always ignore the fact that getting marriage help was what they really needed to do. They were definitely the type of people who cared about what everyone thinks more so than their own happiness. That is insanity to me.

Yes, counseling is a humbling process for any couple who is on the verge of divorce but the truth is that people will respect you even more if you are seeking out help rather than if you are hiding from it and negating it. You are more of an admirable and respectable person when saving your marriage becomes a top priority.

I think people just need to be shown what to do and how to do it rather than what not to do and what they are not doing. Loving your spouse will come naturally to you, and after receiving the right marriage help that is necessary for you both than you begin to feel a deep sense of compassion for each other and then start to look at one another through a new vision of love. My friends, the right help is out there for you if you just seek it out.

My advice to anyone who is at their ends in their marriage is this, if you truthfully want to stop divorce from ever being an issue than go to the extent of trying out a Marriage Fitness program. The only way to have a successful marriage is to learn how to love yourself and then you can harmoniously love your spouse. Learn how to build your Character. Character is who you are when no one is watching.

Why is Paris such a Romantic Wedding City?

Paris is considered the most romantic city in the world. For a romantic destination wedding too Paris is the first choice for many. There are several factors contributing for the city’s fame.

The city has a reputation of being the most fashionable one. Every fashion designer is influenced by the trends in Paris. Fashion is synonymous with Paris. No wonder, the city is a premier choice for many for a romantic wedding.

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Etiquette for your Destination Wedding

Okay — so you’ve decided you’re going to have your wedding abroad. Congratulations, you just made a great choice that you surely won’t regret.

Still, some things are very different when you’re having a destination wedding — and some things are… more complicated.

One of these things is your wedding etiquette, and a site called Destination Wedding Etiquette has just been launched to help you not make too many mistakes… ;)

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